Phuket International (PIAC)

Why the online media necessary for this hospital?

It is the online media where the patient can contact directly with the hospital and draw the solution effectively way. The online page of this hospital can estimate for the patient to obtain the actual price of the patient requested all the information about the surgery, medical tourism and the accommodation, helping to the budget and offer prices for your main expenses.

If the patient select to medical tourism to the Phuket for the patient surgery and medical experience, then it is the right time to open the website of this hospital and the patient can enjoy all the facilities within 45 seconds and the patient can receive an e mail with the estimate cost. So, the online media is the best source to know about this hospital in simple manner.

Following registration, you are asked to complete survey form gets information about, your family’s medical as well as health history. The information is been used to profile health risks as well as to give doctor information about the general health. You then are escorted through different departments like laboratory, x-ray and so on that depends on program that you have chosen.

Why I must have the regular health checkup?

Regular checkups will identify the potential risk factors as well as medical problems very early & prevents a potentially serious illness. The checkup manages the health risk profile as well as promotes that the healthier lifestyle &  quality life.

What Program is good for me?

Content of the routine health examinations for the asymptomatic adults differs widely. Most obvious modifiers are sex and age; but personal, family as well as social history play important role as well. In case, required, then screening for the specific diseases can include:

Ovarian Cancer : The ultrasound of abdomen is very useful to screen for the ovarian cancer for the women more than forty years of age.

Prostate Cancer : American Urological Association suggest that men over age of 50 years get screened for the prostate cancer with annual digital examination as well as blood PSA. Also, screening at younger age is also advisable in men and with the family history of the prostate cancer.