Full Facelift Thailand

What is full facelift surgery and how it works?

Now day´s these surgeries are preferred by the fashionable peoples. But previously propel are afraid by only hearing the word surgery.  They use to think surgery is a very critical and life risk procedure.  At present, it is only happening due to the development of the various techniques invented by the medical science.  But incase of increasing the beauty of face it is also required to opt for the surgery.  As the age increases the skin will become hard and uglier and in that case face lift surgery will be required to maintain the beauty of the face for a long period.  It is always required to remove the fatty tissues from the face area especially in the jaw, chin and neck area. These processes are also performed with the other procedures like eyelid surgery, facial liposuction, nose surgery, forehead lifts and many more.

Is there any chances for scars?

There are many facelift surgeries becoming simpler and are hardly perceptible. In case of younger patients these surgeries are used to remove the elevated cheek and jowls, eyebrows, tighten the neck and the endoscopic scanning process has done many more beautifully.  It is helping the patients to change their appearance and look more attractive and also helping them to grow their personality. These surgeries are gaining more popularity in Thailand. The patients are generally requiring sympathy that gives the confidence to recover faster from the pain. In case of Thailand hospitals, the surgeon and staffs are making a family atmosphere for the patients.

Procedure takes 3 to 4 hours on average & is done under the general anesthesia. Incision is made above hairline, in temple area as well as is brought into front of ear and after that loops behind ear lobe & along lower scalp. Face and neck are tightened together and placement of cuts are determined by examination of structure of face.  During full facelift patient will also select to have the chin liposuction so result of procedure is enhanced.

Once surgery is completed, you will need to use the cold compress for 2 days, as well as avoid lying in such way that cheeks come in contact with either pillows are bed for one month to prevent formation of  the hematomas.  There are a few numbness that might happen for 3 to 6 months and you must keep from doing activities, which are strenuous for 4 to 6 weeks after surgery.

This may make sure that body may have more than sufficient time to adjust to full facelift since it continues to heal. Scars are generally, hidden by hairline or else either in natural creases in ears & face. Scars may fade & barley be visible and thus there is not any need to worry about scars after surgery. As it is mentioned above you are required to stay in Thailand for full facelift for 10 to 14 days, but you may stay longer & enjoy the vacation when you are here.