Breast Lift in Thailand

What is a breast lift?

A breast lift is a surgery that is useful for maintaining the perfect size of the breast. This surgery helps to lift the sagging breasts to look more attractive and beautiful. Basically the women are suffering from the reducing breasts and they are the best candidates for the surgery process. Also the patient who is physically and psychologically healthy can really make the procedure easier for the surgeon.

How long the surgery processes will take place?

It is depending on the surgeon experience and the percentage of fats required to remove. If the fatty tissues are covering all around the breast then it takes more time to finish. If the surgeon has handled this type of surgery before and already set his hand, then the procedure can be easily done without any complications. Normally the surgery process takes three hours to complete.

Are there any risks or side effects with the whole procedure?

There are always some risks and side effects for most of the surgical process. These processes are also useful to consider. As far as the side effects are concerned, infection, drowsiness due to the anesthesia, uneven nipples, breast asymmetry and also some pain for the first few days may remain. The patient recovers in two or three weeks and fit for daily work.

Why Breast Lift in Thailand is the first choice of every woman?

The surgeons of Thailand have solved many critical surgery cases easily for the last few years. That provides the country a unique place in the world map. Also the hospital staffs and the surgeons are more familiar with patients and many other things that are behind the case.

Recommended stay

The Breast Lift augmentation cosmetic procedure in Thailand needs the minimum stay of eight days in country, and this allows for suitable recovery time & your follow-up consultation to take away micro stitches & check breast lift augmentation is in right condition.

Personal Consultation

During the first personal consultation with surgeon he / she may examine your breasts, and taking measurements & perhaps photographs for medical record & portfolio. Size & shape of the breasts, quality of skin, and placement of nipples & areolas are carefully evaluated & discussed with you before breast lift augmentation technique.

You must as well come to consultation prepared to discuss the medical history and this may include information regarding any medical conditions, medical treatments, drug allergies, you have received, and previous surgeries that includes breast biopsies, as well as medications, which you at present take. It is very important to give you the complete information.

Breast lift augmentation Method

After you have rested & spent first night at hotel your private car & cosmedic team may arrive to escort you to Hospital facilities & to meet your surgeon or doctor as well as undergo the personal consultation & tests. Patients will have the chest x-ray & full routine health check & blood count prior to procedures that are free.