Before Surgery in Thailand

There are several things to know when you are exactly moving for a liposuction surgery in Thailand. It´s the cosmetic surgical process that has managed to acquire enough popularity across the globe due to its offering of effective and faster results. There are so many clinics and medicals across the globe that are now offering liposuction surgery at its best for their patients so that these people can become fat free in quick time. There are so many people in this world that are trying for reduction of fat quickly and these people have always anticipated for the most successful and fastest way for their success. Now it´s the liposuction surgery at Thailand is making things possible for these people.

How to become a candidate for liposuction at Thailand?

There are so many people suffering with the deposition of fat but not all of them can opt for the liposuction surgery. First of all you need to stay fit mentally and physically before liposuction Thailand surgery. Once you are fit and all set to move for the operation, you need to finalize a schedule with the surgeon. You need to research a bit on the Internet in order to know the right surgeon for such surgery. Once you are finding the required details, fix a schedule with your surgeon and discuss everything about the surgery, which often includes the preparation before surgery to the risks and after surgery precautions. Knowing these things before hand will allow you to make the surgery half done from the very beginning.

How liposuction is done?

Before surgery

You are asked to fill in checklist form to survey preoperation risk history like smoking history, underlying medical background, aspirin user, and so on.

Prior to liposuction surgeon may install special blend solution compose of one normal saline, 25 to 40 cc. of two % Xylocaine with 1:1000 adrenaline in fat area with assistance of the mechanical fluid pump as well as specialized design ” sprinkle like ” the infuser. Thanks to this ” wet technic ” or else ” tumescent technic ” it is been attributed to increase fat compartment pressure, and loosen fat cell connection, and ease for pretunnelling. Furthermore filled in the chilling temperature of solution gives rise to the reduction of the intraoperative bleeding & analysis.

Operation technic

I will aspirate fat in various layer by various size & hole configuration design cannula that is been connected to vacuum generating machine.  Cannula diameter range from around 3.0 mm. – 4.6 mm. Less than five mm. stabbing incision by surgical blade is placed well in unsightly location, and vicinity to treated area. Generally, it heals very well without leaving the noticeable scar.

When the surgery is completed, the compressive dressing like elasticized bandage, the special designed garment is placed over treated area to the minimized post operative swelling & guide you through desirable body contour. You must keep wearing the garment continuously during first 48 hours & I insist you remove that for showering and taking bath after many day post operation.