FAQ – Liposuction at Thailand

In the twenty first century nothing is impossible for the medical science. There are various types of critical treatments and surgeons with the help of different unique, high-end as well as innovative techniques, easily handle surgeries. Previously both the surgeons and clients are having a fear to opt or handle even a minor surgery. But the time has changed and now day´s Liposuction is making every thing easier and safer. Before the surgery it is always better to ask various questions to the surgeon and get confirmed about the Liposuction process.

What is Liposuction?

It is a surgical procedure that helps to remove the compact fat and recognizes the area where the surgery is required. It is basically such a surgery, which may take place at the upper arms, hips, thighs and other areas. These procedures are helping to the surgeon while trying to judge the specific area where the fats are stored. It is always required to remove the unwanted fats from the body.

What are different types of liposuction techniques?

Now day´s the liposuction techniques are also becoming more advanced according to the requirements. Basically liposuction surgery comprises of three major techniques such as:

o Tumescent liposuction
o Power assisted liposuction
o Ultrasound assisted liposuction

In case of tumescent liposuction it can loose the fatty tissues from the muscles area. A large amount of fluid will be injected at the surgery area. It is also helpful for reducing the blood loss. Ultrasonic assisted liposuction can be applied with the particular cannula, which emits ultrasonic power. It breaks the fat and turns it into the liquid for easy removal. But in case of power assisted liposuction process vibration can be used to break and remove fat.
Does liposuction will take care of the cellulite?
There is not anything mystical and special about “cellulite”, and it is fat, however it is a fat that is located just under your skin, and making the rippled look, which is very apparent. The liposuction removes a few of the cellulite fat, however it is also very difficult to eliminate totally. The weight loss by dieting is best way. At times, these skin irregularities will become noticeable after the liposuction.

Will liposuction tighten-up loose your skin?

Liposuction will remove fat, and so removes a few of weight that are pulling skin downwards. In this particular way, liposuction may at times permit skin to tighten, however liposuction doesn´t accomplish skin tightening on own. Actually, at times, removal of underlying fat will also make loose the skin more apparent. In case, loose skin is the problem, then liposuction might not be best solution for person. In this case, Doctor might consider the face lift, thigh lift or abdominoplasty.

What are techniques of the liposuction?

Basically, all liposuction methods have in common that the thin surgical instrument is been used to loosen and disrupt fat cells in an area, and then applied suction removes fat. Many years ago, variation was developed, named “tumescent” technique that involves first injecting large volume of the salt water in fat.