Back Liposuction Thailand

There are several ways through which you can lessen up body fat effectively. There are so many people in this world that prefer cosmetic surgery to lessen up the body fat. These people donĀ“t seem to be depending highly on the exercises and diet plans. They are now looking for some of the faster methods through which they can lessen up the body fat quickly. In this regard the back liposuction in Thailand has offered them better results. There are different areas at the back region of the body where the fat can get stored quickly and can make the whole shape of the back odd enough. Back portions like the posterior axillary, posterior waist, and lumbo-sacral are the regions where this problem may occur quickly. In order to reduce fat from these areas, back liposuction in Thailand seems to be the best way.

What sort of results you will draw?

Back liposuction in Thailand can bring in several advantages for you along with some of the most effective as well as quick results. This sort of surgical process can bring in some dramatic improvements quickly. The fat at the back can be divided into several vital areas such as:

  • Infra-scapular fat which is located above the waist in women
  • Posterior axillary fat which is located at the upper outer back near to the armpit
  • Posterior waist fat which is located at the posterior of the hips
  • Lumbo-sacral fat which is located at the midline of the lower back


Reducing fat from these areas seems to be tough and time taking through exercises. Instead of that you can opt for the back liposuction in Thailand in order to draw better and fast results.

Surgical method

# Most of the cases are all done under the general anesthesia. But, small area in a few cases are treated with the local anesthesia & sedation.

# Just small incision not over 0.5 cm is required to reach all areas to get treated.

# Tumescent method is been used to expand fat tissues with the fluid designed to reduce the blood loss & increase the body contouring precision.

# Fat tissues are been removed by using small canulas, and attaching to the low vacuum & passing in fatty areas through small incision. This method reduces risk of rippling & dimpling. It as well results in the less post operative swelling & discomfort.

# Procedure might take one hour and more depending on extent of area to be treated.

# Postoperative pressure garments are all applied to treated area.

Best results with the Liposuction occur in the people with the fat deposit at some specific locations & with the good elastic condition.

Liposuction works better on hips, outer thighs, buttocks, lower abdomen & waist. Patients with loose and sagging abdominal skin are not very good candidates for the Liposuction. They might have to undergo procedures like Tummy tuck to remove excess skin.