Arms Liposuction Thailand

Tumescent liposuction of the arms where the micorcannulas will be used to offer excellent, effective as well fast results is now drawing most attention. Especially, the women community seems to be inclining for this type of cosmetic surgery hugely in order to draw a new look and a perfect shape for their arms. The arms are the body part that has managed to yield superlative level of patient satisfaction constantly. Patients seem to be enough happy with the results that they are drawing through arms liposuction at Thailand.

Who is the right candidate?

Keep in mind that not everyone is the right candidate for arms liposuction at Thailand. However, for the proper patients the results that will come after arms liposuction at Thailand are always gratifying. Arms liposuction is the surgical procedures that have been designed exclusively for the women group. Exercise of the arms may not reduce the desired amount of fat at this body part. Most of the women do not what their arms to look masculine. A heavy and weight arm can make the overall appearance of a woman odd enough. At the same time the arms liposuction at Thailand can make you always feel better about your thin body shape.

What are the objectives of such surgery?

This type of arms liposuction at Thailand can always offer a woman a perfect body shape that will be revealed firstly from her arms. After going through this surgery woman can feel better when they use to walk, stand or doing some work.

Why it is done?

Liposuction of arms gives you added contour & definition to your arms. Procedure might as well be a part of the operation to treat the lipomas (benign, non cancerous tumors of the fat).

Risks and complications

Complications specific to the liposuction are infrequent & generally minor. But, since with any other surgery, there are the risks, which includes possibility of:

–  Bleeding under skin (hematoma) after surgery

–  Lumpy scars

–  Infection needing antibiotic treatment

–  Irregularities in the skin contour

–  Permanent changes to color of skin & loss of the normal feeling in these areas

– Allergic reaction in a few patients to the fluid used in the tumescent liposuction

–  Pulmonary edema

–  Reaction to anesthesia


There are significant bruising & swelling that might take many months to settle totally. Risks are reduced by following surgeon’s instructions before & after the surgery.


Surgeon might discuss the alternative approaches to liposuction. But, main alternative to the liposuction is leaving fat deposits they are. Diet & exercise regimens are of benefit in overall reduction of the excess fat.  The direct removal of the excess skin are needed besides, liposuction treatment in a few patients.

Candidate eligibility

Best candidates for the liposuction are individuals of normal weight who have an excess fat in areas. Having firm, and elastic skin may result in better final result. Surgeon will make final determination of every patient´s eligibility for procedure after examination & consultation with patient.