Upper and Lower Abdomen Liposuction Thailand

The abdomen region is the body area where people use to gain more fat. However, it´s the abdominal regions where the implementation of liposuction is now becoming common. Most of the time people simply want to keep their body fit and fine by reducing the fat deposited at the abdomen.

Why drawing so demand?

These days, it´s the demand for abdominal liposuction that seems to be too high across the globe. However, it´s the upper and lower abdomen liposuction in Thailand that has exactly managed to gain so much popularity due to its effectiveness. At the same time people prefer to move for Thailand like region so that they can accomplish their surgery at the right environment and at the same time they can draw a pleasant holiday. People never mind to have a stay at Thailand while going under the upper and lower abdominal liposuction. There are so many men and women who have abdominal fat that has been deposited due to imperfect diet and now they want to reduce it quickly.

Why people are looking for quick results?

Exercises and sticking to a strict diet plan may offer results but that will take too long. Instead of that you can try upper and lower abdomen liposuction in Thailand, if you really want to remove abdominal fat quickly. Most of the results that will draw through upper and lower abdomen liposuction in Thailand are permanent and the patient can feel his or her new look for a long time in life. The good news is that abdominal fat is responding well enough to the liposuction surgery and that is what exactly offering peoples best results.


Abdomen is most common area of your body to get treated by the liposuction among both men & women. Important factors, which affect success of the abdominal liposuction include: amount & location of the abdominal fat, history of the weight gain as well as weight loss, history of the pregnancy, and age and sex of a patient.

Previous Pregnancy

The previous pregnancy generally tends to stretch abdominal muscles, as well as cause lower abdomen to bulge to some degree. This curvature of abdominal wall muscles determines flatness or shape of abdominal silhouette after the liposuction. Nonetheless, vast majority of the women who are pregnant are totally happy with results that are obtained by the liposuction alone, and don´t need abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).

Pfannenstiel incision is a name for incision across lower abdomen, which is generally made for the Cesarian sections, or hysterectomy. The common however undesirable consequence of the Pfannenstiel incision is persistent bulge of the subcutaneous fat above an incision. Liposuction will very easily repair the annoying deformity.

Prior obesity

Prior obesity & subsequent weight loss will produce fat, which is more fibrous and it makes liposuction difficult.  Location of the abdominal fat is important factor in predicting success of the abdominal liposuction. Abdominal fat happens in 2 different levels: deep and superficial. Superficial abdominal fat is situated just below skin & above abdominal muscles.