Samitivej Hospital

Why the outsider moving for the Samitivej Hospital?

Due to well commutation facilities as well as advanced medical service the patients from all over the world are moving towards hospital accepts others. The medial situated on the eastern seaboard that only 130 km from Southeast of Bangkok, so it easy for the outsider to land by air for their health problem. The hospital not only provides better communication facilities but also high quality medical service.

Also the medical staffs of hospital are highly qualified and good in English speaking that help the outside patients to express their problem without any problem to draw positive results from their heath problem. Due to this reason this hospital is much popular in South East Asia. Aside to be leading provider of the healthcare services in Thailand, the Samitivej is the most known medical tourism as well as private hospital in the Southeast Asia. Around 40% of the SamitivejĀ“s patients are the foreigners – known itself as most favored location of the world-class services, where patients will spend at fraction of cost in States of Europe for competent foreign trained experts services making use of same western state of art technologies. The SamitivejĀ“s patients are also from surrounded countries that includes patients from Middle East countries and States & Europe.

From marketing view, the medical tourism is lucrative business and according to recent report; the Asian Medical Tourism Analysis, revenues was also worth US$3.4 billion from the medical tourism all alone at 2007 that is 12.7% of global market. Ratio as well indicates viable growth in annual average of around 17.6% growth rate years 2007 to 2012.

Over 2.9 million patients that enter following countries for the healthcare services: Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, as well as Philippines. However, there is the reason why Thailand is most favored location. Thailand has also emerged as largest medical tourism in Asia for the competent services, and low cost with vacation at the beautiful resort as inviting option. For every year, Thailand also welcomes over million visitors that ask for the medical services as well as is accounted to make US$1.1 billion revenue for a year.

Samitivej has also proven to overcome the traditional fears to have the surgery in the South East Asia. Here, hospital is equipped with same state- of art technologies as well as medical equipments, and where specialists are competent & trained in Europe, North America, Japan and Australia.