Piyavate Hospital

What are the primary operations of this hospital?

In the 2004, this hospital has repositioned itself and it being from just another simple and general hospital to the center of excellence focused of offering best optimal quality specialty and quick services the surgeons are maintaining other medical services. The staffs and surgeons of this hospital are certified from the American Board and Thai Board certified physicians in various specialty fields, and also the nurses of this hospital are highly qualified for operating the techniques and administrative personnel.

It has offered medical services through the high end medical technology and state of the heart equipment, and attributed by the International Standards Organization means ISO 9001:2000. So, these are specialty of this hospital and the patient can get their solution through the high end technology of this hospital. Their highly qualified & experienced medical experts make use of latest medical technologies for giving you with the superb, and international-quality care, which includes neurosurosurgical care & neurorehabilitation, which rivals best of Europe, Australia and North America.

They research and diagnose, treat as well as prevent stroke, epilepsy, AlzeheimerĀ“s disease, brain tumors, headache & pain, Parkinson disease, brain and spinal cord surgery, neurocutaneous disorders, developmental disorders, as well as multiple sclerosis. They are well qualified for caring for influx of the patients taking benefit of the international medical tourism at Thailand. The neurologists have the comprehensive knowledge of neurological structures of body, which includes cerebral cortex & various lobes & individual liabilities to make body work as the unit.

They are trained specially physicians with latest equipment & skills, able to promptly & accurately diagnosing as well as treating disorder of nervous system, no matter whether it is caused by the disease and injury. Office of the Complementary Medicine on sixth floor of the Piyavate Hospital gives you the complementary medicine treatment as well as alternative treatment making use of traditional Chinese medicine & modern technology from Switzerland and German. Neuroscience Center at 4th floor in Piyavate International in Bangkok attains satisfactory results for the patients through high quality of neurological service. They give you the comprehensive neurological care for kids to seniors. Also, they give state of art services in the neurology to diagnose, prevent and treat disorders as well as disease of spinal cord, brain, muscle as well as nerves. The team is comprised of the well-trained as well as internationally -known neurologists, adult as well as pediatric neurosurgeons, clinical psychologists and psychiatrists.