Naravee Clinic

What are the special packages of this hospital?

Through this hospital, the surgeons can offer some special packages to the patient for selecting the mixed surgical procedures. From the before and after operative patients can enjoy the benefits of open communication and also shared their expertise with the experiences with out and in patients. The surgeons are trying their level best to offer patients for achieving their need in plastic surgery with utmost and respect patient privacy. The surgeons and senior most staffs are highly qualified with well trained. The surgeons are having 10 to 15 years experiences in surgery with health care for serve so that they can help the patient for maintaining the patient figure in better way.  In most of the towns water passes by the treatment plant however it is not any guarantee of the purity however bottled water is bought very easily as well as inexpensively at majority of the shops. In most of the tourist centres such as Bangkok , Pattaya, as well as Phuket malaria is not the problem, but it is very wise taking the precautions once again insect bites.

The windows are generally fitted with the screens as well as insect spray are used. In case, you plan to travel far away from areas then it is suggested that you look for the medical advice prior to leaving the country of origin & course might need to get started prior to leaving to your home. The food stalls in streets of Bangkok make use of oil, which is reused again that of course should get contaminated by the car exhausts cook food in. Majority of the smaller restaurants as well as street traders make use of the cheap oils like palm & coconut oil as well as these oils are not at all recommended in case, you have the concerns about the cholesterol levels. The food gas less meat than in countries however fresh fish & poultry make basis of the Thai food.

Do you know that over 50, fifty, countries all over world count on a few form of the health tourism in order to stimulate the incoming traffic? Also, you might ask why and well contributing factors that include high cost of the health care at your home, long wait for some procedures, better services as well as health care givers in some countries are among reasons. Where do the tourists looking for the health care actually come from? Europe, USA, Middle East, you get picture and they also come from wealthy countries all across world.