About US: Dedicated to Offer the Best Liposuction Surgery in Thailand

We are offering wide range of medical as well as surgical services that are simply perfect for patients who prefer to move here across the globe. Patients who prefer to draw arranged healthcare and at the same time they like to have a holiday at Thailand can now opt for our medical services that are already creating lots of buzz in the field of medical science. We are determined to offer wide range of medical services that are related to plastic and common surgeries and we have assigned high-end hospitals for this purpose. These hospitals are equipped with latest medical technologies and having a really soothing as well as comfortable environment for patients. The accredited surgeons who are having wide range of expertise in the field of plastic surgery will accomplish the surgeries. These doctors are loaded with high level of ethics and showing great professional approaches when they are involved in human care.

Our objectives:

We are highly depending on quality, excellence and high-end services and at the same time we are trying our best to offer all these services to patients in fairly low cost so that anyone can afford it. We are committed enough to keep our patients at such a place where he can find peace for both mind and body. That´s why we are arranging all these cosmetic surgeries at the tropical environment of Thailand. It will offer the patient to recover soon and he or she may feel like home. We are offering guarantee on the quality of the services that we use to offer. You can feel the quality of our services from the time when you will arrive here and that will continue throughout the surgery and recover process.  Liposuction is the procedure that will help to sculpt your body by removing the unwanted fat from your specific areas, which includes abdomen, buttocks, hips, knees, thighs, upper arms, cheeks, chin, as well as neck.

Liposuction (as well known as lipoplasty, suction assisted lipectomy, or else Tumescent Liposuction, Ultrasound liposuction) is the surgical method that is designed to improve your body shape & proportion by removing the fat deposits, which are resistant to diet & exercise. Liposuction will restore balance to bodies, which are physically fit, however out of the proportion in some areas. It is effective for patients who are within normal weight range for height and age.

Why it is done?

Liposuction gives you the added contour & definition to the treated areas on ankles, calves, buttocks, thighs, as well as abdomen, and arms, neck as well as under chin.  Procedure might be a part of the operation to treat the lipomas (benign (non cancerous) tumors of fat), gynecomastia (the fatty breast development in men), as well as for adjusting shape of breasts after the reconstructive surgery.

Risks and complications

Complications specific to the liposuction are all infrequent & usually minor. But, as with any other surgery, there are risks, which includes possibility of:

Bleeding under skin (hematoma) after the surgery.