Liposuction Thailand

What is Liposuction?

It is a unique technique that was initially performed during the year 1974 and provided a wonderful result in the field of surgery. After that it has never looked back and has achieved various milestones. For past few years it has gained more and more popularity across the globe. It is also the safest and painless process that has been preferred by so many people and surgeons across the globe. It can be used to remove the extra fat from the fatty tissue area but in case of previous surgery it is very difficult to remove the fats form the critical areas. Liposuction makes the surgery process simpler.

How to choose the best Liposuction surgeon?

It is a very important question for all. It is always better for every person to complete a research and do it best to find a perfect surgeon before the surgery. If you are a new to this field, then ask few questions before the surgery and also demand for the before and after picture of the previous patients. Also enquired about how many surgeries the surgeon has managed to handle successfully in the last few years. If the patient is not satisfied with the answer of the surgeon, then it is better to search for the new one. The patient also need to consult with the previous patient, those are satisfied with the performance of their surgeon. Liposuction surgery in Thailand is so famous due to the top listed doctors and the medicals. The staff and surgeon of the Thailand medical are so friendly. So the Liposuction surgery is the first choice of every one who wants to get rid of fatty tissues.
Liposuction Procedure

Procedure will “sculpture ” body by removing additional fat from buttocks, tummy, knees, arms, cheeks as well as neck.. You should remember that the liposuction is not the alternative for diet & exercise, it is main target is helping to remove additional fat from the areas where fat reduction can´t be done very successfully by dieting.
Ideal candidates for surgery are the people with the normal weight, elastic skin as well as areas of the “fat pockets” in body. There are not any age limits however older people has very less elastic skin & may get results, which are worse then younger patients.

Liposuction is done by many techniques: solution injection – where surgeon injects the special solution to fat tissue. Solution consists of the anesthetics to reduce some pain. Adrenalin to reduce bleeding & fluid to help to separate fat from tissue.

Tumescent technique – much higher amounts of solution is to be injected. The surgeons use the method that allows to inject the large amounts of anesthetics, as well as this type of the procedure is done with the local anesthetics. Operation generally takes much longer than first one. Super wet method where amount of the solution injected equals to amount of the fat tissue removed.